SPOON- N1 Muffler Kit - Civic FL5



Manufacturer Product Code 18000-FL5-000
Product Type Intake & Exhaust
Manufacturer Spoon Sports
Model Year 2023, 2024
Make Honda
Model Civic
Short Description Spoon's pursuit for the best exhaust system for Honda sports cars is never ending.

Honda sports cars are renowned for their unmatched engine feel. What defines such feeling is the direct delivery of power and the composed exhaust note. The exhilarating sound combined with increased efficiency of power. Whether new or old, tuning the exhaust systems has always been an important part of Honda sports cars.
To deliver such exhilarating experience to the driver, SPOON SPORTS develops exhaust systems by testing our product at various driving stages.

In 2021, we raced the Spoon FK8 at the Thunderhill 25 Hours Race using the N1 Muffler kit.
Exposing the driver to excessive exhaust sound in endurance races can cause unwarranted fatigue. On the other hand, when the exhaust sound is too modest, it may lack the ability to keep the adrenaline going and cause the drive to lose focus.
In terms of spec, the N1 Muffler is a proven product. Running the product in a long-distance race allows us to gather data to understand how the sound affects the drivers.
Feedback from the drivers were that the exhaust note helped them to concentrate throughout the race, but the sound was not excessive to cause any extra fatigue.

The N1 Muffler Kit for the FL5 was developed utilizing all the data and experience we were able to obtain from such real driving mileage.
The initial layout of the system like the pipe diameter and silencer placement were determined from simulation data acquired on a flow bench. The development was finalized after repeatedly testing on an actual car.
Anticipating turbo upgrades, increased boosts and of course racing, the diameter of the front and main pipes were finalized atφ70 combined with a φ145 bullet-shaped silencer and a φ80 end pipe. Adhered the dual exhaust style similar to the FK8 product.
Please enjoy the Honda sports performance and sound with the Spoon Sports N1 Muffler Kit.

Material: SUS304
Front/Main pipe diameter: φ70
Tail: Bullet-shaped silencer φ145/End pipe φ80 dual exhaust
JQR Certified, without stock valve system

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