SPOON- Engine Complete FK8

Manufacturer Product Code 10000-FK8-C00
Product Type Power Unit
Manufacturer Spoon Sports
Model Year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Make Honda
Model Civic
Short Description The ENGINE COMPLETE package is built entirely with brand new OE parts from Honda with a Spoon 2-ply head gasket. Before assembly, all metal burrs are removed from the cylinder block and cylinder head to avoid possible stress concentration and to avoid engine damage from contamination.
The piston, piston pin and all moving parts of the conrod are carefully weighed and balanced within 0.02g of tolerance on each cylinder.
The total weight of the moving parts is approximately 1,100g (K20C) hence tolerance of 0.02g translates to managing the weight difference within 0.002%.
Stock Honda Type R engines are built with a tolerance of 0.2%. We've set our bar 100 times higher.
Precise weight management of moving parts in an engine helps to decrease minute vibrations, allowing the engine to rev smoothly. The effect may not be visible on a power curve, but it definitely reflects on driving feel.

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