SPOON- Carbon Air Duct - Civic Type R FK8

Manufacturer Product Code 17228-FK8-000
Product Type Intake & Exhaust
Manufacturer Spoon Sports
Model Year 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Make Honda
Model Civic
Short Description In order for the engine to run efficiently, it needs to be fed with a sufficient amount of air.
Whether it is a normally aspirated or a turbo engine, taking in cooler air = higher density air allows the engine to run with more efficiency. Something we all know from experience.
Materializing our ideas, we produced prototypes of our air intake duct, testing them on our cars and on the bench. For the ultimate test, we installed the air duct to our racing car and ran the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.
The effectiveness of the air intake duct was obvious. All our drivers came back with positive feedback, experiencing good torque at all rpms making the car easier to drive. Also, with higher-than-expected fuel efficiency, we were able to finish the race first-in-class.
Using data obtained from racing, final modifications were made to finally produce the SPOON SPORTS Carbon Air Duct.

The Carbon Air Duct comes in two separate parts.
The air scoop placed inside the front grille, helps to shutout hot air accumulating in the engine bay. The air duct plate placed inside the engine bay delivers fresh air to the air cleaner box.
With the stock air intake configuration, air is taken in from inside the front grille, possibly including air heated from the radiator, especially in low-speed corners. By placing an air scoop at the very front of the grille, our product ensures the flow of clean air unaffected from the radiator as well as actively taking in airflow from driving.
The Air Duct Plate placed inside the engine bay ensures delivery of clean air from the air intake scoop.
Without disturbing the well-designed heat insulation structure of the stock intake layout, our Carbon Air Duct helps to secure cooler and stable flow of air for maximum power output of the FK8.

The Air Scoop is made from FRP and the Air Duct Plate is made from Prepreg Dry Carbon/Kevlar.
Compatible with both the stock bumper or the SPOON Aero Bumper.

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