SPOON- Air cleaner FL5

Manufacturer Product Code 17220-FL5-S00
Product Type Intake & Exhaust
Manufacturer Spoon Sports
Model Year 2023, 2024
Make Honda
Model Civic
Short Description Fits 11th Gen FL5 Civic Type R.

Changing the ECU and other settings lets you easily power up your turbocharged engine by increasing the inhale levels.

However, the way you bring out the most performance out of it is the same with natural aspiration engine: you need to decrease the inhalation resistance and increase the charging efficiency.

We made this new Air Cleaner 100% compatible with the genuine cleaner box that already provides higher than graph can show drivability with its high charging efficiency and heat insulation.

The cleaner part is made of polyester fiber. It provides exceptional filtering efficiency and inhalation volume intake that were previously impossible to reach altogether by using just cotton filters.

Great results achieved when tested with original settings, showing improved output at mid rotation frequency level.

The maintenance is extremely easy, all you need is an air blow gun to remove the dust.

*Use mild laundry detergent and air dry, if dirt cannot be removed with air

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