RSR - Toyota Supra 2020+ Sports*i Club Racer


Fine tuned for competition, our RS-R Club Racer Series offers unquestionable performance with its track dedicated setup.

Compatibility: 2020+ Toyota Supra Chassis code: DB42/DB22

Preset Approximate Height

Front: -30mm to -35mm (-1.2in to -1.4in) Rear: -35mm to -40mm (-1.4in to -1.6in)

Maximum Adjustment Range

Front: -5mm to -55mm (-0.2in to -2.2in) Rear: -15mm to -65mm (-0.6in to -2.6in)

Recommended Adjustment Range

Front: -10mm to -50mm (-0.4in to -2.0in) Rear: -15mm to -65mm (-0.6in to -2.6in)

Spring Rate

Front: 14.0kg/mm Rear: 18.0kg/mm

Additional Information

Damper Warning Canceler is not included. If the canceler is not installed, an error message is displayed and the traction control off system will not function. Dampers are 24 way adjustable in the front and 36 way adjustable in the rear Warranty: 1 Year / 12,000 miles from the day of purchase

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