HKS Super Coolant Sport - 5 Liters


HKS Super Coolant Sport 52008-AK003


Discover High-performance with the HKS Super Coolant Sport. The HKS Super Coolant Sport is a Highly Balanced Sport Coolant that provides excellent cooling performance with high foaming, rust and corrosion prevention. The HKS Super Coolant Sport is already pre-diluted and all you would need to do is pour the coolant into the cooling system.  


Features & Specifications: 

  • HKS Super Coolant Sport 52008-AK003
  • Pre-diluted coolant. DO NOT MIX WITH WATER
  • Size: 5 Liters / 1.32 Gallons
  • Base Formula: Water & Ethylene Glycol
  • Other Components: Rest Preventive Agent & Cooling Agent
  • Non-Amine Type Fluid (Eco Friendly)
  • Freezing Temperature: -18℃/95°F
  • Replacement Interval: 2-3 years

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