HKS Racing Suction Kit For Honda Civic Type-R FK8 70020-AH109 / 70020-AH110

Size:Without AFR

HKS Racing Suction Kit For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

The HKS Racing Suction Kit for the Honda Civic Type-R FK8 is an intake upgrade that significantly boosts performance and offers your car a unique, sporty intake sound. The flexible standard hose is replaced with top-notch metal pipe. To redirect hot air flowing from the engine, an application-specific heat shield is used. Correcting sensor readings and avoiding CEL are done with an optional air/fuel ratio regulator.


Features & Specifications:

Note: A Suction Kit without the AFR would require ECU recalibration.

  • HKS Racing Suction Kit With AFR 70020-AH109
  • HKS Racing Suction Kit Without AFR 70020-AH110
  • Aluminum Piping to Replace Stock Hose
  • Engine: K20C
  • Racing Suction Style
  • Unique Sporty Intake Sound
  • Vehicle Specific Heat Shield
  • Built for Honda Civic Type-R FK8 (6BA-FK8 Not Confirmed)

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