HKS Racing Muffler For Honda S2000 AP1 and S2000 AP2 (Single Muffler)


HKS Racing Muffler  For Honda S2000 AP1 and S2000 AP2 (Single Muffler)

HKS has introduced a variant of the Hi-Power cat-back exhaust system for the Honda S2000 with a single muffler in response to high demand. The best part is that the piping diameter is pre-made at 75 mm! Both normally aspirated and forced induction motors will perform admirably with this exhaust. An additional feature that HKS added to this variant is an adjustable titanium tip measuring 97mm, featuring a burned blue finish.

Features & Specifications:

  • HKS Racing Muffler 32701-BH001
  • Engine: F20C / F22C
  • Tip Diameter: 97mm
  • Center Pipe Diameter: 74.7
  • Close Noise Level: 95.5db
  • Constructed with S304 Material
  • Built for Honda S2000 AP1
  • Built for Honda S2000 AP2

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