HKS- Oil Cooler Kit: GR86/BRZ (ZN8/ZD8)



A must-have for both NA-tuned and boosted vehicles


  • Prevents the oil temperature rise and make continuous laps by installing it on the GR86/BRZ, which have a problem with oil temperature exceeding 130℃ during track laps.(when driving on the FSW short course).
  • The "machined aluminum attachment" is equipped with a thermostat to avoid increased viscous friction of the engine oil due to overcooling.
  • A 12 row oil cooler core is mounted inside the bumper in front of the left wheel while retaining the performance of the stock front bumper louvers.
  • For NA vehicles, the engine oil is cooled without affecting the operation of the radiator, and can be used together with the front-mounted intercooler of the GT2 SUPERCHARGER or BOLT ON TURBO KIT (under development *The stock washer tank must be replaced with the washer tank in the kit.


  • Added a flap function to the end of the duct. By adjusting the oil cooler duct opening to any desired width, it is possible to accommodate the different bumper openings of the GR86/BRZ. It can also be used when a supercharger kit is installed.


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