HKS LegaMax Premium Exhaust for Honda Civic Type-R FK8


HKS LegaMax Premium Exhaust for Honda Civic Type-R FK8

The diameter of this exhaust pipe grows with each stage, from the 3-inch main pipe to the dual 2.4-inch pipes into the mufflers, and then to the dual 3.8-inch Burnt Titanium Tips at the end. Overall, the exhaust reduces back pressure by 50%, which frees up the turbine to spin more freely at low RPMs and enhances power and response throughout the power range.

This exhaust system is excellent for big power builds because it has been built and intended to handle up to 540 ps (532 HP) without any power loss. Additionally, it has a dual muffler and a compact resonator, which together guarantee that there will be no drone for a deep, throaty note while maintaining a smooth ride.

Features & Specifications:

  • LegaMax Premium Exhaust 31021-BH003
  • 3-inch to dual 2.4inch catback system
  • Dual 3.8 inch Titanium Burnt Tips
  • Dual Rear Exhaust
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 67 db Idle Sound compared to 58db Stock
  • Up To 500+ HP without power loss
  • Built for Honda Civic Type-R FK8 6BA-FK8

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