HKS LA Clutch 26010-AH002


HKS LA Clutch for Honda S2000 AP1 & AP2

HKS LA Clutch (Light Action) combines accurate high level power transfer from engine to transmission while offering easy to use clutch feel which is particularly noticeable when the clutch is half engaged. Suitable for use on the streets or for sports use, LA Clutch is a single plate clutch which can support approximately 450ps (*1).

Based on the combination with the GTS7040, the output is estimated to 280kw (380ps), and the capable torque is 450N・m (46kgf・m). Use the LA Clutch for S2000 in a wide variety of driving conditions. HKS LA Clutch provides remarkable capability and advantages as a high performance single clutch. Clutch performance is enhanced with appropriate balance between its capable torque, light weight, and controllability. No uncomfortable feeling after installing this clutch to NA vehicles.

HKS LA Clutch is a complete set including clutch disc, cover and flywheel. The newly designed "MG Composite disc" developed to reduce juddering to enable the same driving feel as the stock clutch, yet with the capabilities of handling more power. The disc damper also reduces impact and strain on drive train parts.

Features & Specifications:

  • HKS LA Clutch 26010-AH002
  • Pedal Pressure:
    • S2000 AP1: 196
    • S2000 AP2: 206
  • Flywheel Weight: 4.2
  • Clutch Disc Weight: 1.36
  • KIT Weight: 10.2
  • Built for Honda S2000 AP1
  • Built for Honda S2000 AP2

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