HKS Hipermax S Suspension 80300-AT023

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HKS Hipermax S Suspension for Toyota Supra A90 DB42

Get the most out of your car's performance with the HKS HiperMax S Suspension 80300-AT023. Featuring adjustable damper, camber angle, stabilizer, and height settings, you can easily customize the ride for maximum road feel and reliable handling. An extra-durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.


  • Due to the removal of the stock electrical controlled shock absorber, optional error canceller is required.
  • The original setting is adjusted for DB22, so when installing in DB02, please adjust to the data at the time of testing.
  • Toyota Safety Sense may malfunction due to narrowing of the radar/camera beam range and misalignment of the alignment center as the vehicle height is lowered.

Features & Specifications:

  • Hipermax S Suspension 80300-AT023
  • Engine: RB26DETT
  • Ride Height Range:
    • Front: 676 - 635
    • Rear: 691 - 635
  • Spring Rate:
    • Front: 69 N/mm (7 kgf/mm)
    • Rear: 118 N/mm (12 kgf/mm)
  • Dual Pre-Load Valve System
  • Shock-Body Length Adjustable
  • Single Tube
  • Aluminum Bracket
  • Rubber Upper Mount
  • Evolution Bump Stop Rubber
  • Dual PVS
  • 30-Step Adjustable Damping
  • PNE Coating
  • Built for Toyota Supra A90 DB42

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