HKS Hipermax R Suspension 80310-AH001


HKS Hipermax R Suspension for Honda S2000 AP1 & AP2

The HKS SUSPENSION is made to provide excellent driving performance and a smooth ride. HKS uses dampers with a single tube design. It is among the greatest options for comfort, sport, and street driving. It will assist in getting the best traction possible under any circumstances for great driving performance.

By consolidating the technological capabilities developed over the previous nine years since the launch of MAX IV SP, the HIPERMAX R Series has improved all handling, traction, and convenience of fit to a new series. The HIPERMAX R Series boasts unmatched performance that surpasses that of any other brand.


Features & Specifications:

  • Hipermax R Suspension 80310-AH001
  • Ride Height Range:
    • Front: 677 - 615
    • Rear: 3 - -59
  • Spring Rate:
    • Front: 157 N/mm (16 kgf/mm)
    • Rear: 157 N/mm (16 kgf/mm)
  • New Super Response Fluid
  • Better Temperature Resistance
  • Improved Better Handling Characteristics
  • Low Vibratrion Spring
  • Constructed with 210K Grade High Strength Wire Rod
  • New Adopted Retainer
  • New Internal Components
  • Front & Rear Spring Insulators
  • 30-Step Rebound Adjustment
  • PNE Coating
  • Inverted Shocks
  • Dual PVS Adjustment
  • Built for Honda S2000 AP1 and AP2

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