HKS- Cold Air Intake Kit: GR86/BRZ (ZN8/ZD8)



  • To improved intake efficiency, the air cleaner features the traditional high performance “Super Power Flow (D150-80, wet type, 2 layers)”
  • By containing the Super Power Flow inside in the box, this helps reduce the effect of hot air in the engine compartment and stabilizes intake air temperature at a lower level.
  • The air flow meter is in the same position as stock to comply with the factory control. An additional second intake duct has been added to reduce airflow resistance during intake. 
  • The upper case of the box is clear smoke colored that complements the engine compartment, while nonchalantly showing off the Super Power Flow. 



■Intake Air Temperature Comparison

* In-house data




  • Super Power Flow (Φ150-80 2 layer, wet type)
  • Intake Box (Upper Case, Lower Case, Side Duct)




  • Circular marks are found on the inside of the air cleaner cover. In addition, the air cleaner cover may become dimmed. These are due to manufacturing reasons and are not due to product defects.
  • Do not use organic solvents when cleaning. The solvent may melt the resin.




Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Kit Code No. Manual Remarks
GR86 ZN8 FA24 21/10 - Super Power Flow + Intake box + side duct 70026-AT010 It cannot use together with the HKS GT2 SUPERCHARGER. Installation time: 1.5h.
Kit includes: Super Power Flow, Intake box, and side duct.

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