RAYS VOLK RACING CE28 Club Racer II Black Edition 18x9.5 +38 5x120 DIAMOND DARK GUNMETAL



CE28 Club Racer II Black Edition 18x9.5 +38 5x120

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PRICE IS FOR A FULL SET ( 4 qty wheels )

Still No.1 Light Weight

Volkracing’s lightest model CE28N is the base for the Club Racer wheel. High strength is built within to cater to the trade-off of the latest high performance compact sport cars with higher grip tires. Center hole design has been refined with the updated spoke profiles and center attachment. A driver can now comment to push the pedal while reducing traction loss at mid-speeds.
CE28 Club Racer 2 Black Edition is an overseas exclusive model.

  • ・Method:Forged 1pc Wheel
  • ・RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec 2
  • ・Color:Diamond Dark Gunmetal (MM)
  • ・Included:European Aluminum Air Valve(RAYS new logo)RED, Luminous Spoke Sticker(2pcs), Luminous Rim Sticker

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