VRS Rear Diffuser Skirt For 2014-19 BMW M4 [F82] VAB-8205

  • $995.00

Attaches to the OEM rear bumper cover and adds a finned look befitting “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Produced in carbon fiber.

Smooth airflow under the bottom of your F82 BMW M4 by adding a diffuser.

Located in the Kanagawa prefecture of Fujino, Varis (VRS) is a legendary Japanese aero parts manufacturer that has been prominent in the racing realm since the late ’70s. Their dominant vehicles and products are predicated on the racing concept that maintains aerodynamic performance to its truest form.

This rear diffuser system gives the F8X aggressive styling by installing onto the OEM bumper. Made from high-grade carbon fiber, this rear diffuser skirt is both strong and lightweight.