VRS Heat Extractor Vented Hood System-2 With Louver Ducts For 2014-19 BMW M3/M4 [F80/F82/F83] VBB-8211/VBB-8212

  • $4,250.00


  • Heat Extractor Design with additional louvered vents
  • Reduces weight by 9lbs compared to the OEM Hood
  • Available in VDSC, Carbon or FRP
  • Excellent Fitment

Featuring additional, louver vents at the rear edges of the hood to increase cooling potential, thus reducing underhood temperatures, the System-2 cooling bonnet hood is the more aggressive version of the VRS cooling hood for the F82 M4 and F80 M3.

This cooling bonnet (heat extractor hood) comes in three different types of material: VSDC, carbon, or FRP. This cooling bonnet gives the vehicle an aggressive, impression, without taking away the car’s original luxurious accent. Cooling bonnets are reinforced with carbon composite material to ensure lightweight and sturdiness.

Utilizing Semi-Dry Carbon Fiber (VSDC), this hood not only adds style and cooling but reduces the overall weight by almost 9lbs versus the OEM aluminum hood.

※ Genuine bonnet damper can not be equipped.

※ Dedicated duct cover withstand bar. 

※ Development of dedicated bonnet dampers.