VRS Front Under Diffuser (Vdsc) For 2004-08 BMW Z4 [E85/E86] VAB-5613

  • $1,095.00

VRS Front Under Diffuser (VDSC) for 2004-08 BMW Z4 [E85/E86] VAB-5613

Front under diffuser, composed of VSDC, is designed and manufactured by Varis for the BMW E85/86 Z4. Diffusers are designed to direct airflow underneath the car, enhancing the vehicle’s handling properties. Air rectified from the bottom of the VRS front spoiler is efficiently rectified, improving vehicle stability during high-speed driving. In addition, the left and right up sweep shapes bring down force effect. Can be installed with bolt-on. In addition to carbon, the VSDC manufacturing method is as light and strong as dry carbon.