Varis Magnum Opus ’18 Version Cooling Hood (Bonnet) For 2017-19+ Nissan Gt-R [R35] Vbni-121

  • $2,995.00

Varis Magnum Opus ’18 Version Cooling Hood (Bonnet) for 2017-19+ Nissan GT-R [R35] VBNI-121/VBNI-122

For Tokyo Auto Salon 2017, famed Japanese aero parts manufacturer Varis debuted their Magnum Opus vented cooling hood (cooling bonnet) for the 2017+ R35 Nissan GT-R. The 2018 version of Varis’ popular cooling bonnet is designed to accommodate the modern, angular creases featured on the 2017-19 GT-R’s existing front bumper cover and hood.

Available in two materials; either carbon fiber, or VSDC (Varis Semi-Dry Carbon Fiber), the cooling hood is a complete bolt-on replacement for the OEM piece on all 2017 Nissan GT-Rs.

The Carbon Fiber version of the Cooling Hood saves about 3kgs (~6lbs) over the factory aluminum GT-R hood.
The VSDC version of the Cooling Hood saves an additional almost 2kgs (~4.5lbs) over the standard carbon fiber version and more than 5kgs (11lbs) over factory aluminum GT-R hood.