Varis ’06 Ver. S-Taikyu 4-Pc Front Bumper Kit For 2001-06 Mitsubishi Evo VII/VIII [CT9A] VAMI-059

  • $2,195.00

VARIS ’06 Ver. S-Taikyu 4-Pc Front Bumper Kit for Mitsubishi Evo VII/VIII [CT9A] VAMI-059

S-Taikyu Ver. ’06 FRONT BUMPER includes:

  • front bumper
  • oil cooler guide
  • center duct bar
  • S-canard resistant 4-point SET 

Front bumper kit from Varis for the Evolution 8 and 9 includes; front bumper, oil cooler guide, four point center duct bar, and the S-Taikyu canard.

Designed for Super Taikyu racing, these parts combined enhance the Evo’s on track performance by increasing airflow to the oil cooler, intake and intercooler, while the bumper and its canard set enhance handling with greater downforce than factory.