K Pole Wp (2020)

  • $159.00
The K-Pole WP karting shoe is the wet weather version of the K-Pole. It was specifically designed as a water proof shoe that offers the highest levels of performance and comfort. The K-Pole WP features a rotor cable closure system that is easy to tighten and loosen with gloves on. This rotor system keep tension even when wet. For greater grip and pedal sensitivity, the K-Pole has an anatomic inner sole with a low-back which allows the heel to move freely while karting. An all-new ultralight outer sole which is anti-slip, anti-static and oil resistant.  Available in adult sizes 36 to 48 and youth sizes 26-34
  • Water Proof
  • Rotary Cable closure system
  • Anatomic inner sole
  • New high-grip outer sole