Bride Japan Zeta III Type-S

  • $900.00


The fixed bucket seat ZETA III type-S has been designed for drivers of short stature. The same functionality as the standard ZETA III tuned to be more compact

ZETA III type-S is a compact model of ZETA III tuned with all motorsports scenes in mind to be BRIDE’s standard fixed bucket seat model. 
In order to achieve high operability and holdability for drivers of short stature and female drivers, it has been designed with compact parts such as its backrest, shoulder support, and seat surface.
The same as the ZETA III, its features are its narrowed-down waist line and stitched ornament on the shoulder support, and the shell is available in 3 materials, carbon aramid, super aramid black, and FRP silver.
Another feature of ZETA III type-S is its abundant color variations, namely gradation logo, black logo, black, red, and blue.


This is a comparison diagram for the ZETA III and ZETA III type-S shapes.

The gray line is the standard shape ZETA III, while the red line is the ZETA III type-S. You can easily see that it is more compact overall.

Product Lineup

Sales status Shell material Product name Cushion type Product No Price Weight Cover material FIA Approved
Silver FRP shell Silver FRP shell ZETAIII type-S Red Logo FS1IMF JPY91,800- 6.9kg Flame retardant fabric
Super aramid black shell Super aramid black shell ZETAIII type-S Red Logo FS1IZR JPY125,280- 6.9kg Flame retardant fabric
[DISCONTINUED] Carbon aramid shell Carbon aramid shell ZETAIII type-S Red Logo FS1IMR JPY180,360- 6.4kg Flame retardant fabric