Bride Japan Zeta III Plus

  • $945.00


ZETA III has won in countless races while always keeping drivers safe. The standard fixed bucket seat with abundant color variations

ZETA III is a racing comfort model designed with all motorsports scenes in mind to be BRIDE's standard fixed bucket seat model. 
This model can be called the standard fixed bucket seat, which is used by many users. 
It features a narrowed-down waist line and stitched ornament on the shoulder support, and the shell is available in 3 materials, carbon aramid, super aramid black, and FRP silver. 
Another feature of ZETA III is its abundant color variations, namely gradation logo, black logo, black, red, and blue.
The ZETA III is a FIA-compliant model.


A good balance with a moderately-lowered seat position

The ZETA III's seat position has been lowered, but is still not too low for a moderate sitting position. The ZETA III, which has continued to be the long-selling standard among fixed bucket seats, achieves a seat position which is natural and comfortable for most users.


A newly designed seat form optimized for compatibility with HANS devices.

The ZETA III PLUS's belt hole is designed to be compatible with the HANS device. The shape allows a HANS device to be properly installed no matter what type of driver.

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