Bride Japan Vios III REIMS

  • $1,080.00


A fashionable model of the LOWMAX fixed bucket seat, featuring one point color on the seat which is covered to the back surface with a high-class faux-suede fabric

With VIOS III LOWMAX fixed bucket seat standard model as its base model, the VIOS III REIMS is an extravagant model with high-class faux-suede fabric covering the entire seat. It uses an FRP black shell for its shell material. 
It has three color variations, one point color red or blue on the shoulder support part and seat back line with a high-class faux-suede black fabric base, or entirely black without one point color. Also, since VIOS III REIMS is a model that is fully covered to the seat back
By positioning the seat rail in structure and deepening backrest shape with the patented BRIDE's LOWMAX system technology, we achieve the maximum low position in cars with limited interior space/head clearance as well as the ideal driving position.


This is a comparison diagram for the VIOS III and ZETA III shapes.

Although the shape is similar, VIOS III is a model which utilizes the LOWMAX system, so the seat surface can take a lower position than the ZETA III.

Product Lineup

Sales status Shell material Product name Cushion type Product No Weight Cover material FIA Approved
Silver FRP shell Silver FRP shell VIOSIII REIMS Black&Black F42ANF 7.6kg Flame retardant fabric