Bride Japan Maxis III

Bride Japan Maxis III

  • $1,440.00


An exclusive competition super racing model which uses the LOWMAX system

The place on the seat shell of the MAXIS III which equates to the seat surface is a large egg-shaped concave depression. By installing the seat rails as if this seat shell depression is inserted into the seat rails, you can realize the maximum low position. This is BRIDE's patented technology, the "LOWMAX System", which enables a low position even in tight seating spaces in sports cars and race cars. The twisting strength and rigidity strength have also remarkably improved. 
In MAXIS, which has the highest holdability among tight racing fixed bucket seats, body pressure distribution devices are implemented everywhere. It is designed to reduce fatigue during long racing drives at high speeds, and allow the driver to focus on driving. 
The MAXIS III is a FIA-compliant model.


The MAXIS III shell shape, which achieves a super low position

The shell shape which is the origin of the LOWMAX series can be installed into any tight sports car or racing car without raising the seating position.

Product Lineup

Sales status Shell material Product name Cushion type Product No Price Weight Cover material FIA Approved
Silver FRP shell Silver FRP shell MAXISIII Limited Black F77AMF - 7.8kg Flame retardant fabric
Carbon aramid shell Carbon aramid shell MAXISIII Limited Black F77AMR 7.3kg Flame retardant fabric
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