Bride Japan Euroster II Sporte

  • $1,710.00


A neoclassic low back seat featuring the seat of the EUROSTER Series, with its ultimate comfort and performance, equipped with a newly designed FRP shell backrest

The EUROSTERII SPORTE is a low back reclining seat which uses protein leather as its seat material. 
The seat is based on the EUROSTERII, praised for its comfort, while the back rest uses a newly designed shell made of FRP with a focus on holdability. 
Due to its lack of a head rest it does not meet Japan's current safety standards, but it is a new style of seat which can be used in ships like pleasure boats and classic cars, etc. 
Protein leather is a high quality synthetic leather created by powderizing silk and eggshell membrane protein using advanced technology and proprietary decoding techniques. Its superior moisture absorption and desorption reduces unpleasant stuffiness to create a comfortable driving environment. If features a texture like a high quality real leather sofa and a feels smooth on the skin. Due to it requiring less maintenance than true leather and having much better durability and water resistance it is perfect as a seat material.


Perfect for marine use such as pleasure boats and historic cars

A combination of the EUROSTERII seat, praised for its comfort, and a newly designed shell made of FRP with high holdability, it can be used as a driver seat for not only historic cars but also pleasure boats. Protein leather is the perfect seat material for marine use, etc. thanks to its excellent durability and water resistance.